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Nvidia MATS & MODS USB stick (with NVMT)

Last updated on 1 year ago
levi990eSuper Admin
Posted 1 year ago
Nvidia MATS & MODS usb stick:
(Credits go to the Tech Cemetery discord & to DrasticMeasures.)

For testing NVIDIA GT 1xx through RTX 40xx

Here's an image of JUST the MODS/MATS partitions in the 60GB VRAM test tools + new versions of mods for 3060ti and 40xx + NVMT. You can put this on a 8GB or larger thumb drive with the included Rufus.
The download is 2.31GB.

Updated 1-13-2023
-Modified the commands file so the autorun of mats will save the report as autorunreport.txt in /home.
-Renamed "mats400" to "mats"
-It will now sync the time with the bios during boot. This way the time on the renamed reports will match your timezone.
-Added copy script that will let you select the drive you want to copy to, select the file to copy, and rename the file to the current date, or whatever you want.
-Added MODS scripts so you can just type "mods" from the home folder for most cards. You can also add custom commands (eg.-loops 10 -test 178 -dramclk_percent 115) and it will append to/replace the default command.
-Added nvmt
-Resized the partitions to make room for new mods 455 and 520 versions

-Added a "sleep 10" to the "commands" file to fix the memory errors that always show up on the auto run of the 10 and 20 series partition.
-Added mats367, mats400, mats455, modsinit, and modsinit2, shell scripts to their respective home folders and added runmats shell script to each mods folder.
The mats shell scripts will copy report.txt to an external usb drive if specified, or to "/home/reports/name-date.time.txt" if the divice is not found.
To find your flashdrive, type "df -h" and figure out which drive you want based on size. Then at the top of each mats file, is the dir option that looks like "/media/sdb/". Change that to the device you want.
-Disabled the cursor during mats tests when run with a script and for the autorun so when booting as UEFI, it won't cause false errors.

Link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AiSvffRQEcWrrQXe2..._9YOCieQLW


MODS/MATS versions:
https://drive.google.com/drive/folder...6rNCE18xBt (got taken down afaik)

Decompressed hash of image file"
MD5: 3cc2ce1e4b9836548a8fad6479a2c4c3
CRC32: 15B10F3F

A 32 GB USB Stick is needed.
Download the .7z file, extract it with 7-zip, there is a Rufus already included, image the .iso file onto the USB Stick with that.
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levi990eSuper Admin
Posted 1 year ago
GPU tested as primary
The card being in the x16 slot and display connected to the card. (If the card doesnt output an Image, go to part 2)

1. Boot the stick
2. select the right one, the one for 10xx, 20xx, etc series
3. type: ls
4. type: mods (to test gpu)
type: mats (to test memory)

GPU tested as secondary
If the GPU doesn't give out a display, you need a mainboard and CPU with an iGPU, connect your display to the mainboard's display output.

1. Boot the stick
2. select the right one, the one for 10xx, 20xx, etc series
3. type: ls
4. type: modsinit
5. type: mods (to test gpu)
type: mats (to test memory)

- mods will test the GPU with memory
- mats will only test the memory of the GPU

nvmt commands:
- nvmt vbios [show vbios]
- nvmt helpme [show help]
- nvmt ts |less
- nvmt ts
- nvmt ts > log.txt [save to log.txt after run]
- nvmt p [show devices]

reference picture:
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levi990e attached the following file:
mats_mods_.pdf [4.21MB / 224 Downloads]
levi990e attached the following image:
levi990eSuper Admin
Posted 1 year ago
Memory layout picture by f!P[z]y (GerRepair discord)

Old 2018 Micron sheet:

Nvmt ram chip back or front by NWR:


Edited by levi990e on 17-04-2024 21:22, 3 months ago
levi990e attached the following files:
mods_367.pdf [1.27MB / 157 Downloads]
levi990e attached the following image:
mats_03.png screenshot_20221208_135407.png screenshot_2023-08-02_12-30-44.png test_memory_ga102.jpg gddr6x_x8mode_mapping_frontback.jpg
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